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~ Ostinato vs Timoschi - Deconstructing Major Tom ~
About the DVD:

A stunning array of images derived from a theatre play based on the Major Tom myth, using cutting-edge technology to generate a hypnotic maelstrom of picture and sound. A Dj/Vj-set, echoing musical history and the visions of a future as seen in the seventies, when men walked the moon and space was a promise and a threat at the same time.
-Thies Mynther

While science in its visual form becomes more abstract, in its attempt to explain things that are invisible for the human eye (molecules, nano- and gene-technelogy),the images used in the science fiction genre films, in video clips on mtv and other music programmes shows the perfect body in all its varieties. In these examples, the mutation has already taken place - every popstar is a virtual cyborg - a media mutant!
-Christian Wiehle

This DVD is based on the play "Major Tom Science Fiction Performance" by Christian Wiehle. The world premiere was June 2002 at Kampnagel theatre, Hamburg

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What happened to Major Tom?
Lost in the infinity of space, shot out into the pop universe of David Bowie in 1969, the legendary spaceman returns in the middle of the twenty-first century. Major Tom (performed by Wobine Bosch) finds himself again in a room full of cabinets, hardly bigger than a space capsule. This SHELF-MADE ROOM becomes the starting point of a futuristic journey through the identities `in the age of the technical reproducibility of the body`. -Christian Wiehle
Label: avant art / Collision
Catalog #: CCT3011 DVD
Title: Deconstructing Major Tom
Artist: ostinato vs timoschi
A Dj/Vj Set based on a play by Christian Wiehle

01. Enter
02. Granular To Go
03. Ivy
04. Super Collider
05. Tin Can
06. Netzhaut Inc.
07. Buffer Override
08. Space Oddity

All music Christian Mevs, published by Sempex Musikverlag, except Space Oddity, lyrics and music David Bowie, published by Westminster Music Ltd.

Extras on the DVD:
Making Of
exclusive link to ostinato vs timoschi website for interactive remixes
Short film "The eye of insight" by Mathis Meneking

Approximate running time: 90 minutes
Region Code free
Disc Format: DVD-5
Picture Format: 4:3 NTSC

DVD Authoring by Timo Schierhorn
5.1 Mix and Mastering by Christian Mevs at Sonnenseite Studios, Hamburg
Artwork by Philipp Podeus
Produced by Christian Mevs and Timo Schierhorn for Multipetra

Dolby Digital 5.1
Dolby Digital 2.0
Headphone Surround