Collision - cause of chapter 3

~ Dubblestandart - Immigration Dub ~ V.. : 23/05/07
Landmark album following the path of On-U Sound & Nick Manasseh including a strong line-up of guest singers like Ari Up, Ken Boothe, Prince Far I, a.o. - also superb cover versions of 'Wadada' (Dub Syndicate), 'Money Money' (Horace Andy), 'When I Fall In Love' (Ken Boothe)! - 69 minutes of straight forward 2007 Dub-Reggae - plus bonus video for Ari Up's 'Island Girl'.

The group Dubblestandart, around bandleader Paul Zasky, started in the early 90's and chose dub music as their musical lodestar. Working as a backing band for Dillinger, Lee Perry, Topcat, Lilian Allen and recently Ari Up on her European and American tour, has finely honed their live skills. 'Immigration Dub' presents Dubblestandart in 2007, the year of identity and consciousness, and indicates the birth of their 10th album inviting you to a journey into a far-out world of dream dub-rockadelic & sonic insanity. Completed by a strong line up of singers and astonishing versions of Reggae classics, the album is at the top with European bass guerrilla cuts driven by political awareness and spirituality.

Label: Collision - cause of chapter 3 ( an echo beach division)
Title: Immigration Dub
Artist: Dubblestandart
Format: DOCD
Catalogue: CCT3015-2
Release date: 23.05.07


  • Album featuring Ken Boothe, Prince Far I (r.i.p. with authorised samples), Ari Up, Gudrun, Devon D & Truman Chewstick (Kingston/Jamaica), 3gga (Nigeria), JStar (London based mash-up producer), Doug Cox & Todd Butler (B.C./Canada)

  • Includes superb cover versions of Reggae/Dub classics like 'Wadada' (Dub Syndicate), 'MPLA Dub' (Tappa Zukie), 'Money Money' (Horace Andy), or 'When I Fall In Love' (Ken Boothe)

  • 69 minutes of straight forward 2007 Dub following the path that On-U Sound & Nick Manasseh provided in the 80ies & 90ies

  • Album also includes two extended mixes

  • Bonus video: 'Island Girl' featuring Ari Up

  • 4-track 12" single (CCT3014-6) with non album mixes released four weeks prior to album release date


    01. We All Have To Get High feat. Devon D.
    02. This One Is About Flying
    03. Tiny Place Called Earth
    04. Wadada (Means Love) feat. Prince Far I & Truman Chewstick
    05. MPLA Dub
    06. Money Money feat. Gudrun & Truman Chewstick
    07. When I Fall In Love feat. Ken Boothe
    08. Grinning In Your Face feat. Doug Cox, Todd Butler, Ruthie Foster, Cyd Cassone (Runners High Remix)
    09. Immigration Dub feat. 3gga
    10. Dub 51
    11. Immigration Dub feat. 3gga - (Extended Dub Mix)
    12. When I Fall In Love feat. Ken Boothe - (Extended Dub Mix)
    13. Island Girl feat. Ari Up - (JStar Remix)

    Bonus Video:
    Dubblestandart vs Ari Up - Island Girl