Collision - cause of chapter 3

~ Up, Bustle & Out - Blue Road ~ V.Ö. : 28.09.2007

16 track special vinyl edition including poster! - Each four specifically chosen tracks taken from the forthcoming album 'Istanbul's Secret's', the 2006 album 'City Breakers', the 2007 album 'Mexican Sessions', and four tracks of unreleased grooves & extravaganzas!

"Blue Road" offers a selection of songs that have only been available, mostly, on CD, as well as some unreleased grooves that have proven popular in clubs and dancehalls the world-over. These songs have been chosen by Up, Bustle & Out fans, record store owners & media. There is also a selection of tracks from the "Mexican Sessions" CD album, released in February 2007 and from the 2006 release "City Breakers". Both albums topped in example World Music Charts in Europe & USA Radio stations like, DMX, CMJ, KCRW, KEXP, MTM, WHRC, Woman's Radio etc.

Later in 2007/early 2008, UB&O shall release an Eastern album, "Istanbul's Secrets" - double CD. 'Istanbul's Secrets' features vocals from the Turkish singer-actress Sevval Sam - a Turkish legend who acts & sings in the Cannes 2007 award-winning film "Age of Heaven" by Fatih Akin. Side 1 on the 'Blue Road' vinyl cut offers Dub versions specially selected from this coming 'Istanbul's Secrets' double CD album. It is here the 12" vinyl album format that should be considered a real gem that crosses many borders, speaks many languages and is, thus, reflective of the modern world we live in.

Label: Collision - cause of chapter 3 ( an echo beach division)
Title: Blue Road
Artist: Up, Bustle & Out
Format: 2LP
Catalogue: CCT3018-1
Release date: comming soon


The Instrumentation and collaborators: Fresh vocals by Sevval Sam, MC Sultana, Kalaf, Benjamín Escoriza, Eugenia Ledesma, Blanquito Man, MC Blaze, Trumpets from Colombia by Fredy Soto and the Jazz maestro Andy Hague, Flamenco guitar by Cuffy El Guapo, Double Bass by Jim Barr (Portishead band), the platinum selling Hip Hop band Control Machete (who also feature on Cypress Hill albums!) and their production skills - specially Toy Selectah, the NYC collective The Fragment Crew dropping English, Spanish with Rastafarian vibes.


Side A
01. Breaking Codes (Dub) feat. Kalaf
02. Orthodox Gold (Dub) feat. MC Sultana & Mark Underhill
03. Blue Night / Mavi Gece (Dub) feat. Blanquito Man / Candice Cannabis
04. Ben Seni Sevdugumi feat. Benjamín Escoriza

Side B
01. Dance Your Troubles Away feat. DJ Mexican
02. Bob Your Head feat. MC Blaze
03. Grass Skirts feat. Andy Hague, Trumpet
04. City Breakers feat. Ras Jabulani / MC Blaze

Side C
01. Day At The Bookies feat. Salima, Chorus
02. All Out King feat. Romanowski
03. Mundo Insólito - Toy Selectah / Control Machete Remix
04. Corazón De León - Kabanjak Remix feat. Blanquito Man

Side D
01. Bristol Brooklyn Bridge feat. Blanquito Man / Fragment Crew
02. Mariel Port, Spanish Harlem - Type Remix
03. Cumbion Mountain - Chico Sonido & Toy Selectah / Sistema Local Remix
04. Niña feat. Alexis 'El Toca'