Dubblestandart - WOMAN IN DUB

In the year of the snake Dubblestandart proudly presents album 13: With Woman In Dub, a collaboration with singers from all over, their dub voyage continues. A colourful journey that ranges from lover’s reggae, dub poetry to r & b and indie pop vibes. Starting with Chezere from Barbados(Don Letts & Screaming Targets/Big Audio Dynamite/Urban Species/The Roots), the album opens with a smooth reggae song followed by reggae legend Marcia Griffiths(Jam) tempting Holding You Close. AmA Tone(US) seduces with her indie pop influence as the wide range of crossover compositions, Woman In Dub incorporates, unfolds. more info >>

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Overproof Soundsystem - Pull it Up

Overproof Sound System started its life in 2000 as a monthly reggae night called “Overproof” held at the Medicine bar in Birmingham, England. The night was started by Different Drummer’s Richard Wittingham (Rockers Hi Fi) Adam Regan (Leftfoot) and Birmingham’s dub duo G.Corp.

Since the seventies, reggae music in Birmingham had become ghettoized, pushed out of city venues into illegal parties and split into genres. With violence on the increase it was only the brave that would get to hear it. The “Overproof” night was not only a way for those involved to escape the recording studio and party but a way of bringing reggae back to the masses. This was not a bashment or revives night. Not to be tied down to one genre the music policy was anything reggae or reggae influenced. From old school sixty’s cuts to modern Dub and remix’s. With its atmosphere of peace and good vibes and a reputation for a happy mixed crowd the night soon grew often bringing together 1500 regulars for what have now become legendary parties. From the start, the microphone and DJ’ing duties were shared by Ras-T-Weed (Rockers Hi Fi) and Juggla (Creation sound) over time percussion was added in the form of The Mighty Magoo (Substance). Messenger Douglas later joined Overproof in 2003, and has been part of Overproof ever since.

(CD 18 tracks – 72:35 minutes playtime ) more info >>

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DUBMATIX - The System Shakedown Remixes

“Dubmatix presents Clash Of The Titans – The System Shakedown Remixes” features a fabulous line-up of remixers: Groove Corporation, Zion Train, Aldubb, Dubvisionist, TVS, Mungo's HiFi, Marcus Visionary, LionDub (not on the CD), Webcam Hi-Fi, Victor Rice, Vibronics, Subatomic Soundsystem and Nate Wize. Dubmatix contributed an alternative version of one of the tracks from the album. The resultant release is multifaceted, ranging from roots dub to steppers, stopping off to play with more experimental approaches such as dubstep and future dub along the way....dub has always been open for new styles and ideas! The voices featured on “System Shakedown” also put in an appearance: The Mighty Diamonds, Tippa Irie, Dennis Alcapone, Kulcha Ites, Jay Douglas, The Ragga Twins, Ammoye, Brother Culture and U Brown all feature with vocal parts, embellishing and enriching the futuristic sounds and vibes.

Over the past months a great work has emerged and it is now poised to go straight to the hearts and feet of dubheads all over the world.

The double album is a limited, numbered edition of 500.

The CD and digital online release include bonus tracks. more info >>

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Kein Hass Da - Hirntrafo

(bad brains transformation)

... hate band promotion!

Some stories you tell nobody will ever believe. But as a musician you can say the silliest nonsense without the danger being sent to the funnyfarm. So let's give it a try!

The truth is: We are not from this world. Our earth is not as backward as this one - on the other hand, Punk has never happened there, and Alice Cooper died in 1973.

But it's this Alice Cooper of whom Karl has been a really big fan since early adolescence. That's why he always wanted to sing in an Alice Cooper tribute band. Since Karl is an old friend of us (and besides, the Cooper songs are easy to play), we had been on the road as THE NICE GUYS since 2004.

You don't understand a word? Just like we. As we've told you before, some stories nobody will ever believe ...

Perhaps it would be a better idea to would listen to our CD HIRNTRAFO more info >>

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Dubbelstandart - Marijuana Dreams

One of the most important production teams actively creating and mutating dub in Europe, Dubblestandart from Vienna have been keeping a uniquely inspiring version of the dub flame alive for the last two decades.

"Marijuana Dreams" the bands 12th Album in history is showing DS international and outraging status and shows a series of splendid collaborations (including Anthony B., Elephant Man, William S. Burroughs, David Lynch, Lee "Sratch" Perry, Trigga) more info >>

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UP, Bustle and Out - Soliloquy

UP, Bustle and Out - Soliloquy

Listening to the music of Up Bustle & Out, I feel each song is a testimonial, conveyed on timeless instruments full of grace, and modern electronic wizardry as well.
Pablo Yglesias aka DJ Bongohead

Ever since setting out as one of the first and most prominent jazz - dance combos on the young "Ninja Tune" label, "Up, Bustle & Out" have come a long way since pioneering Ninja Tune's global reach. Their search for sounds, traditions, stories, allies and cultural change has lead them to places like South America: Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica, Europe, urban mega-cities like New York and Tokyo and the Orient. Their studio base in Bristol, England is the place where they bring it all together, forging one colorful, authentic and truly revolutionary album after another, and, in this collage process, relentlessy experimenting with sounds and styles to generating creative, new dubs, fusions and versions. more info >>

Exclusive on this page Track 04 - Silver Fish - An Ocean's Dub Thale as mp3 click here

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Dubblestandart - Lee "Scratch" Perry, Ari Up - Return from Planet Dub

To date, Dubblestandart have left their own crater on Planet Dub with the force of ten albums. Founded at the end of the eighties under the influence of Lee Perry's unique Black Ark Productions and Adrian Sherman's radical O-U Sound mix manoeuvres, the sought-after backing band (Ari Up, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Dillinger, Lilian Allen, Top Cat) around Paul Zasky have taken Jamaican production techniques and embossed them with their own, distinctively European stamp: bass-driven, informed by New Wave, using the very latest technology and skilled in the precarious balancing act between digital boombast and analogue warmth; wordlessly communicating between patois and Viennese humour. more info >>

NEW video "DUBBLESTANDART feat. Lee "Scratch" Perry & David Lynch - Chrome Optimism Oxygene Dub Pt. 4" click here

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CCT3018-1 - Up, Bustle & Out - Blue Road

16 track special vinyl edition including poster! - Each four specifically chosen tracks taken from the forthcoming album 'Istanbul's Secret's', the 2006 album 'City Breakers', the 2007 album 'Mexican Sessions', and four tracks of unreleased grooves & extravaganzas!

CCT3017-2 - Up, Bustle & Out - Istanbul's Secrets

10th album by 'Up, Bustle & Out' featuring as main singer 'Sevval Sam', the singing star of 'Fatih Akin's'new road movie 'Edge of Heaven'!

CCT3015-2 - Dubblestandart - Immigration Dub

Landmark album following the path of On-U Sound & Nick Manasseh including a strong line-up of guest singers like Ari Up, Ken Boothe, Prince Far I, a.o.

CCT 3013-2 Wet Cookies - Earthling

When the Wet Cookies played their first live sessions in 1999, their music was raw, untreated and loud. It was pure improvisation, inspired by 70's free-funk. In order to maintain this energy on CD, "Earthling" was entirely composed and recorded live at two studio sessions in Vienna.

CCT3012-2 - Up, Bustle & Out - Mexican Sessions – Our Simple Sensational Sound

The 8th album by the colourful band Up, Bustle & Out is ready for release - featuring an exciting & fun international crew, one funky video, a whole host of remixers from across Europe, USA and Mexico.

CCT3010-2 Dubblestandart - Are you Experienced ? "DOCD"

The ARE YOU EXPERIENCED release is a proper double CD with twelve brand new tracks and a CD with unreleased and older remixes and versions which are not available anymore...!

CCT3009 Dub Syndicate - The Rasta Far I "DOCD"

"Best of" Style Scott's own Lion & Roots label catalogue including a full two CD package. Most of the tracks and takes were recorded at Tuff Gong studio and CD 1 is over-dubbed by Rob Smith (courtesy of Smith & Mighty) at Smith & Mighyt studio´s Bristol.

CCT3011 Ostinato vs Timoschi - Deconstructing Major Tom "DVD"

This DVD is based on the play "Major Tom Science Fiction Performance" by Christian Wiehle. The world premiere was June 2002 at Kampnagel theatre, Hamburg

CCT3008-2 Up, Bustle & Out - "City Breakers"

Up, Bustle & Out are one of the original "Ninja Tune" acts. Over the past ten years, UBO have released five albums and countless singles through the London-based label, kindling world-wide interest in their experimental, multicultural sound.

CCT3006 Seven Dub - Dub Club Edition (Rock With Me sessions)

Seven Dub shows how sexy dub can be. Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Sly Stone, Georges Clinton and the Parliament, Norman Whitfield, Lee Scratch Perry,Sly & Robbie...this musical backround inspired P.Bylebyl & G. Metenier (aka Seven Dub) for their musical revolution that started at the end of the 90's.

CCT3002-2 The Ruts – Babylon´s Burning

Reconstructed and remixed versions of The Ruts biggest hit feat. Apollo440, Don Letts Dub Cartel, Black Star Liner, Fundamental, Dave Ruffy & Mark Wallis, Andi & Vom of Toten Hosen, Kid Loco, Terminalhead a.o.

CCT 3003 CD/12“ Keith Le Blanc – Stop The Confusion

(Global Interference) Werkschau Galore... The original hip hop-funk-industrial drummer legend KLB feat. Melle Mel, Tim Simenon, Tackhead, Bim Sherman a.o. !

CCT 3002 CD/12“ ARI UP – Dread more dan Dead

Brand new studio album by the ex-member of the legendary female punkyreggae band THE SLITS. Ari Up traveled around the world to record the album. From New York to Kingston from Kingston to LA and from LA to London and Berlin. Dancehall inna Punky-Reggae style. CD contains a CD-video Track.

CCT 3001 DOCD/LP V.A. – Subharmonic in Dub

(a DOCD compilation of Bill Laswell´s defunct sub-label Axiom) feat. Bill Laswell, MJ Harris, Robert Musso, Gabe Katz, Nicky Skopelitis, John Zorn, Bernie Worrell, Blind Idiot God, Bootsy Collins, Jah Wobble, Buckethead, Robert Musso, Anton Fier, DXT, Haruomi Hosono.

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